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In the audio clip on this page (which played in a video in the exhibition) Alice explains her project and her love of floating — 

“I made these flotation garments out of housing materials and I travel around to public spaces and give them away! These vests are a symbolic and functional reminder to get outside and get into the waters around you!” 

In the exhibition there were two large bins of Alice’s foam floating vests for the taking. The video documentation of her project shows Alice using one of her vests to float outdoors in natural bodies of water. She explains, 

“I believe floating in water has healing powers that can enliven us to seeing that your local water is an important barometer for the health of our community and environment!” 

Alice’s project serves to counteract stasis that comes from being indoors and encourage a healthy engagement with the outdoors.

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Photos from the exhibition. 

Clip of Alice's video documenting her floating.

Video stills.