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In the audio clip on this page (which played in a video in the exhibition) Kansas introduces herself as, “the organizer of events in The Unit.” She explains: 

 “These white flags that I am carrying represent the ambivalence that one can feel in the face of overwhelming obstacles. I bring together new and old friends to provide an opportunity to burn these flags, with a firework core, in outdoors spaces. My desire is to provide the opportunity to release our surrender by turning it into an experience of catharsis.” 

Kansas’s flags were in buckets around the exhibition next to Margo’s coins. She provided a signup clipboard for anyone that wanted to join her upcoming ‘events.’ The documentation of Kansas’s project took place on one of the two television monitors in the room (where all of the video documentation was played) with a slideshow of photographs and audio from one of her events. Kansas’s project was an authentic activity — it was an innocent break from the criticalness of our daily lives through the joy that friendship, the outdoors and fireworks can provide.

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Photos from the exhibition.

Clip of Kansas's video documenting her event. 

Video stills.