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In the audio clip on this page (which played in a video in the exhibition) Lee describes her contemplative project— 

“I mend together broken sheets of glass and through this slow task I am able to practice agency by putting things back together …and then some.” 

Leaning on the floor against the back wall in the exhinition, there were ten sheets of glass that were broken before Lee soldered them back together that now resemble stained glass. The documentation for Lee’s project is a time-lapse video of Lee repairing a single piece of glass that took fourteen hours to mend but is shown in a few minutes. Lee believes, 

“Service to a meaningful existence are a constant consideration to The Security Unit and although we don't have answers, we are looking for avenues to be of use!” 

Lee’s project means to convey that often service to humanity can be beguiling but the effort to mend can often create different and deeper content.

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Photos from the exhibition.

Clip of Lee's video documenting her repairing glass by soldering it back together. 

Video stills.