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In the audio clip on this page (which played in a video in the exhibition) Margo explains that her project is creating currency, she states: 

“My purpose is metaphorical and controversial, and I make these coins as a tragicomic reminder to myself and to you that monetary value is a human construct — magical thinking!” 

Her coins were not exchangeable, did not stand-in for any commodity and she gave them away for free,

“to remind you of your ability to construct, imagine and determine value. And keep the faith in your own manifestations!” 

Margo’s character played with the idea of value. Rather than having her currency represent a commodity, her project considered valuing our beliefs or that our beliefs have value. Her coins were in glass jars all around the exhibition space for the taking. The documentation of Margo’s project happens in the introductory video — she made her coins out of clay and as the rest of The Unit entered the video they helped make coins with her.

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Photos from the exhibition. 

Clip of Margo's video documenting her introducing herself, her project and making her currency.The rest of The Unit comes out after Margo to introduce themselves, their projects and then hang out on the porch to lend a hand to Margo and her project.

Video stills.